Via ferrata in Děčíně

Are you interested in rock climbing but don't dare to venture on unprotected routes? Then try via ferrata in Děčín.

Stručně o výletu

What we are going to do.: Bus, Bike, Train, Scooter
How many persons: 5
How many days: 1
Available on time: 1. 5. 2023 - 31. 10. 2023


Via ferrata in Děčíně

Ferrata is located practically in the centre of the town of Decin and is freely accessible. For beginner climbers we recommend an experienced guide, and you should not forget about quality equipment. All of this can be provided and advised at the Active Point, which has a branch just a few steps from the ferrata itself. The Děčín Boat Company also offers the possibility of climbing the ferrata with a guide.

And the ferrata itself? It offers 16 belayed routes and both experienced climbers and complete novices, including older children, will find their way here.