Sightseeing cruise on the Fidelio

From Mělník you can take the Fidelio boat for a sightseeing cruise to the confluence of the Elbe and Vltava rivers.

Stručně o výletu

What we are going to do.: Boat
How many persons: 10
How many days: 1
Available on time: 26. 5. 2023 - 24. 9. 2023


Sightseeing cruise on the Fidelio

Take a short cruise to the confluence of two of the most important Czech rivers.

The Fidelio is a cruise ship for 22 passengers with a length of 17 metres equipped with a sun deck. During the cruise there is a toilet, below deck lounge, children's play area, bar and lounge with bar where you can refresh yourself with delicious coffee and other drinks. You can find the timetable in the gallery below.

After the cruise, visit the local castle or the Church of St. Peter and Paul with its lookout tower in Mělník.

The Fidelio timetable can be found in the gallery below.