Boat trip for monuments and gastronomy

A week-long journey along the Elbe for monuments and gastronomy.

Stručně o výletu

What we are going to do.: Boat, Train
How many persons: 4
How many days: 7
Available on time: 1. 6. 2021 - 27. 9. 2021


Boat trip for monuments and gastronomy

Day 1

In Nelahozeves use for example the offer of boats for rent from the company Obytné lodě Nelahozeves and then embark on your journey, in the direction of Mělník. After arriving in Mělník, you can anchor at the local dock and go on a tour of the city. For example, the local chateau or the lookout tower of the Church of St. Peter and Paul. You can also buy local wines at the tourist information center. You can dine in one of many restaurants of Litoměřce. We recommend the restaurant Němý medvěd. You can taste their delicious beer. You can spend the night "on Mělník", as the locals say.

Day 2

The next morning you will leave Mělník, your destination will be Roudnice nad Labem. You will sail and anchor at the local pier and immediately set off for the sights of the city. You can your self find a guide in the Information and Transport Center of Podřipsko. The first thing you want to see is the Lobkowiczký Chateau, where you can taste local wine, and after a tour of the castle, continue to the Hláska Tower. You can dine, for example, in the Ztracená restaurant, then spend the night in the dock in Roudnice again in style in your houseboat.

Day 3

On the morning of the third day you set sail from Roudnice nad Labem towards the royal town of Litoměřice. There you will anchor on Střelecký Island and go on a tour of the city. We recommend visiting the Kalich lookout and also the local Biskuský Brewery of St. Štěpán, where you can also eat, then spend the night in a your boat in Litoměřice.

Day 4

Continue further down the Elbe. We recommend making a stop in Velké Žernoseky and visiting some of the local wineries, where you can buy the famous Žernoseky wine. Then continue downstream around the Žernoseky vineyards and through the picturesque valley of Porta Bohemica. During the afternoon you sail to Dolní Zálezel, where you can anchor and spend the night at the local dock.

Day 5

You sail in the direction of Ústí nad Labem. Dock in front of Masaryk's lock and go on a tour of the dominant of the Elbe Valley – Střekov Castle. After the tour, it is time to travel back to Nelahozeves, where it is necessary to return the rented boat in the following days (further stops and possible overnight stays according to time options - 6th and 7th day)

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