Active weekend in Děčín - raft, ferrata, bicycle

Go and enjoy an active weekend near the river Elbe. Sailing and rafting, conquering ferrata and cycling along the Elbe Trail. All this can be done in one weekend.

Stručně o výletu

What we are going to do.: Bike, Boat, Train
How many persons: 10
How many days: 2
Available on time: 1. 6. 2021 - 30. 9. 2021


Active weekend in Děčín - raft, ferrata, bicycle

Day 1

Before the actual trip, arrange a transport of rafts to Ústí nad Labem by phone with the rental company (eg Active point). You will then meet with the rental representative in Na Střekově just inder the Masaryk's lock, you will take the rafts and now there is nothing to stop you from sailing from Ústí nad Labem to Děčín. We recommend you stay at the Hotel Kocanda, where the boats will be stored by a rental representative. After lunch at the local restaurant, you can go to the local ferrata:  Via ferrata on the Shepherd's Wall offers 16 routes of varying difficulty and is suitable for both experienced climbers and beginners. Ferrata is unique in that it is located practically right in the city center.

We recommend spending the evening visiting the local Kapitán mini-brewery.

Day 2

The next morning you will pick up the rafts again and head through the Elbe Canyon to Dolní Žleb. You will anchor there and have lunch, for example, in the restaurant Dolní Grund. You will call a rental representative who will bring your bikes and take the rafts. You will return by bike along the Elbe Trail to Děčín. There you drop off your bikes, go for a great burger to Burger Berg and then take the train back home (Prague, Ústí or Lovosice, etc.).

1. Day

2. Day