Zubrnice mobile railway museum T3

Tourist line T3 The Museum of the Zubrnice Railway runs on the route Ústí nad Labem - Velké Březno - Zubrnice always in the tourist season during weekends and holidays.

Zubrnice mobile railway museum T3

About the track

The Velké Březno - Zubrnice - Lovečkovice - Verneřice railway line and its 19 km long Lovečkovice - Úštěk branch were put into operation in 1890 and canceled in 1978. Operation was resumed on 28 October 2010. In 1998, the Velké Březno - Lovečkovice section was declared a cultural monument.

The transport from Zubrnice CONTINUES FURTHER thanks to the only historic bus line in the Czech Republic under the designation T32 (during the summer holidays) in the section Zubrnice - Lovečkovice - Úštěk and back. The DÚK tariff applies on the bus. The line has connections to all DÚK T3 trains in Zubrnice.

Railway Museum

At the railway museum in Zubrnice, visitors can buy postcards, a tourist card, a 3D postcard, a commemorative nail or a coin. There is a functional model track of the Levín station, a historic ticket office, a waiting room for passengers, historic handcars and railway machines to see. The visitor can even touch the selected exhibits, test their functionality and ride on a men-powered railcar in the track.