Pub Štípárna - Vesce

The Štípárna Inn, situated in a quiet environment, is a refuge not only for pilgrims heading to the memorable Říp Mountain.

Pub Štípárna - Vesce

The pub offers a daily menu and a permanent offer of appetizers and good beer.

Various public events are held here all year round. The place itself can also be used for private celebrations.

Other slaves

  • The cleavage offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. For small children there is a children's playground. For the bigger ones, there are scooters, a climbing wall, archery and sling shooting, nail hammering and more.
  • The attractions are also suitable for ordering for school children. There is also a tack room for horses and all facilities for cyclists and tourists - a corner for servicing and washing bicycles.
  • Scooter rental is available during the tourist season.