Cruises Elbe - Decin

Private cruises on the Elbe by sloop

Cruises Elbe - Decin

The cruises take place on the lower Elbe river from Ústí Střekov to our German neighbours. The departure is from Děčín from the Smetanovo nábřeží dock. Labe cruises offer fully private cruises, where the client pays an hourly rate and gets the whole boat and the captain. Clients can choose the direction of the route, try steering the boat, or order luxury catering that will be waiting for them on board.

The price of the cruise is: 2500 crowns for the first hour and 1900 crowns for each subsequent hour.

Reservations on social media or by e-mail or by phone 737 186 135

More info on Facebook - Plavby Labe or on Instagram Plavby Labe.