Zelčín - Hořín

Zelčín is a small village in the Mělník district on the left bank of the Vltava River.

Zelčín - Hořín

The first historical mention of Zelčín dates back to 1245 in connection with Queen Kunhuta and the knight Lambin. In medieval times, fishing was the main duty of Zelčín. Since 1960 the cadastral territory of Zelčín belongs to the neighbouring municipality of Hořín.

Hořín is a village located about 2 km west of Mělník, which was first historically documented in 1319. However, it is certain that it was founded even earlier.

Orchards stretch from the lowlands to the foothills. The cultivated landscape with orchards is predominantly in the warm climate zone, but also extends significantly into the temperate zone. Most of the area is upland with undulating relief on the edges of valleys, plains and basins. On the route of the Polabská cesta, the orchards are mainly represented by the villages of Daminěves, Lužec nad Vltavou and Cítov.