Water castle and Janda Museum - Budyně nad Ohří

A golden treasure is said to be hidden in the castle in Budyně nad Ohří as a result of work in an alchemist's workshop. It has recently been restored and is a great attraction. The 13th-century castle is surrounded by a moat and a marshy bank of the Ohře River.

Water castle and Janda Museum - Budyně nad Ohří

The royal fortress in its Gothic form was damaged by the explosion of a powder magazine and two entire wings had to be demolished and rebuilt in Renaissance style. In the past two centuries the castle has been further modified. There is the Janda Museum with an exhibition of the tools and implements of the last executioner, as well as a price list for the acts. In the alchemists' workshop we find curves, a melting furnace and mortars of all sizes. There is also a dining room with a beautiful fireplace, sumptuous bay windows and a stuffed crocodile hanging from the ceiling. From the courtyard, the remains of the outer fortifications with keyed loopholes can be seen.

Opening hours

Summer operation 1. 4. - 31. 10.

Open daily except Mondays 10.30-12.30 and 13.00-17.00.

Winter operation 1. 11. - 31. 3.

The Water Castle and the Jand Museum are closed. It is possible to visit the castle courtyard from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
If you are interested in a tour outside opening hours, it is possible to arrange a tour by phone. Tours can be arranged for groups of more than 10 people.

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