Via Ferrata Shepherd's Wall - Děčín

Via Ferrata on the Shepherd's Wall is located in the heart of Děčín, opposite the Děčín chateau across the Elbe River. Ferrata offers 16 routes of varying difficulty and is suitable for experienced climbers as well as beginners.

Via Ferrata Shepherd's Wall - Děčín

It was put into operation in April 2014. Since then, a total of 16 different routes with different levels of difficulty have been created. It is freely accessible and free of charge, you only pay for the rental of the necessary equipment (ferrata set). For safety reasons, it is forbidden to climb if it is raining or the wall is wet. It is suitable for physically fit individuals without climbing experience and can be handled even by somewhat sporty children. You can arrange an experienced guide to explain everything you need.

You can rent ferrata equipment at the ACTIVE POINT DĚČÍN bicycle rental. You can park in the car park at the nearby roundabout, in the car park under the Tyrš Bridge, or on the other bank of the Elbe near the library. All routes start on the Elbe embankment at the original lift to the Shepherd's Wall.

Via Ferrata Děčín is really for everyone. Here, the beginner will acquire the basic skills of moving along a secured path in a very interesting environment. The Shepherd's Wall offers a choice of 16 paths with lengths of 150 - 170 m on one rock and absolutely everyone will be amazed by the breathtaking views of the opposite castle and the deep Elbe canyon. Our certified guide will accompany you "to the top" safely. At the same time, only 1.5 - 2.5 hours are enough for this attraction.

Via Ferrata Děčín is also suitable for children. Based on our previous experience, we recommend a height of at least 130 cm. The weight limit is given by the technical parameters of ferrata sets, which are designed from 40 kg. For lighter people, there is a risk that the brake system will not work if they fall and must therefore be secured with a rope. Our experienced guides will take care of securing children and people under 40 kg.


What is via ferrata?

The name Via Ferrata comes from Italian and in translation means a secured path. It is a secured path through demanding mountain terrain, which is equipped with safety ropes, railings and steps and other aids so that even an inexperienced climber can overcome it. These routes can be variously demanding and in Czechia they are marked according to the Austrian model (A - the easiest, after E - the most difficult). There are dozens of these routes in Europe. Austria and Italy boast the largest number thanks to the beautiful Alps.

The Shepherd's Wall in Děčín is the longest ferrata in the Czech Republic and at the same time offers the most ways to conquer the wall. It is also the only ferrata located in the city center, which is not entirely common even on European scale.