The Chateau Děčín

The dominant feature of the town stands on a rocky promontory above the confluence of the rivers Elbe and Ploučnice.

The Chateau Děčín

The current appearance of the castle is the work of the leading aristocratic family of the Habsburg monarchy. During the 20th century, the Děčín chateau was the seat of several armies. The complex includes an extensive castle park and a baroque rose garden.

A huge castle was built on the site of today's chateau in the 13th century under the Gothic influence. It was rebuilt in the 16th century into a Baroque chteau. The last modification, in the style of classicism, met the building in the 18th century. During its existence, the castle had the function of a military fortress or seat of important families. It also gained popularity from F. Chopin, who composed several of his works here. A long driveway carved into the rock leads to the chateau.