Outdoor Museum – Zubrnice

The only outdoor museum in northern Bohemia shows the housing, culture and connection of the original inhabitants with the landscape in the former Sudetenland and its post-war transformation.

Outdoor Museum – Zubrnice

The basis of the Outdoor Museum Zubrnice is an old historical village. The set of buildings of folk architecture consists of timbered, half-timbered and brick buildings.

The complex of buildings shows us the life and work of people on farmsteads. Here you will find, for example, a timbered two-storey building, a village shop or a small water mill powered by Luční potok. The exposition of the old village school is also interesting. The museum has become a traditional place for folk fairs (at Easter, autumn and Christmas), when the village changes over the course of a year.

An interesting technical monument is the railway station built in 1890 on the local railway Velké Březno - Úštěk - Verneřice. The Railway Museum in the area of ​​the station in Zubrnice offers an exhibition on the history and present of the line, a view of a small transport office with historic equipment or historic railcars. Rides are prepared for those interested. Part of the track (11 km) was added to the list of monuments of the Czech Republic. The owner and operator of the museum is the organization Zubrnická museální železnice.