Open-air Museum - Zubrnice

The only open-air museum in North Bohemia presents the living, culture and connection of the original inhabitants with the landscape of the former Sudetenland and its post-war transformation.

Open-air Museum - Zubrnice

The basis of the Zubrnice Open Air Museum is an old historical village. The collection of folk architecture consists of timbered, half-timbered and brick buildings.

The complex of buildings recalls the life and work of people on the farm. We can find here, for example, a timbered storey building, a village shop or a small water mill with a top drive, fed from the Luční brook. The exhibition of the old village school is also interesting. Folk fairs have become a tradition in the museum (at Easter, autumn and Christmas), when the village is transformed into a period village.

An interesting technical monument is the railway station built in 1890 for the local railway Velké Březno - Úštěk - Verneřice. The Railway Museum in the premises of the railway station in Zubrnice offers an exposition on the history and present of the line, a look into a small transport office with period equipment or a historic railway carriage. Rides are prepared for those interested. A part of the line (11 km) has been registered on the list of monuments of the Czech Republic. The owner and operator of the museum is the Zubrnická Museum Railway.