Lovosice - Dock

The town of Lovosice is mainly known for its chemical industry. For many of you it is a surprise that grapevines are grown here too.

Lovosice - Dock


Lovosice - Dock

The first written mention of Lovosice dates back to 1143. Around 1600 Lovosice was promoted to a town. Winemaking had been developing in the vicinity of the town for a long time. The most suitable place for growing grapes is the hillside below Lovoš. We have already mentioned them at the previous stop.

Another interesting fact in terms of winemaking in Lovosice is that the first sparkling wine in North Bohemia was produced here. It was produced in Lovosice as early as 1845. It was made by Johannes Josef Mouzon, who moved to Lovosice from Niederlössnitz in Saxony. Originally from Reims in France, Johannes Josef Mouzon worked as the manager of a sparkling wine factory in Saxony. After his move to Lovosice, he made an attempt to produce the first sparkling wine in the area. He bought 15 barrels of wine from the 1844 harvest and made the first sparkling wine from it. This was subsequently studied for its taste and health effects on consumers. All the tests were successful and Mozoun's sparkling wine was appreciated for its fine taste. How long Mouzon produced his champagne in Lovosice is not clear from the surviving historical records. Nevertheless, Lovosice remains the first place in North Bohemia where sparkling champagne-type wine was produced directly from local wines.

You are at the finish of the Litoměřice Wine Trail

You are at the last stop of the Litoměřice Wine Route. If you have completed the entire trail, congratulations and thank you for your interest in winemaking in this area. If you are just leaving the trail and would like to do some more hiking, then you can use our tips for hikes in the area.

Which way?

If you are just starting your journey along the Litoměřice Wine Route, you can look forward to eight more stops, a lot of information about winemakers, vines and the history of wine growing in Litoměřice. The trail will take you to several vineyards and will also give you the opportunity to taste delicious wine from local winemakers. The whole route is about 15 km long and its official start is in Litoměřice near the castle, where you can get there for example by using the seasonal boat transport directly from this port. If you want to wander from here against the standard direction of the trail, that's fine. The trail allows you to choose any direction you like, as the information boards do not directly interact with each other. It also allows you to connect to the trail anywhere and use only part of it. If you are just starting out, you will head through the town of Lovosice towards Lovos, at the foot of which there is another stop. You can get an overview map and other information about the Litoměřice Wine Trail at the nearby Lovosice Information Centre or in Litoměřice (information centre, castle reception).

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