Lovoš is a prominent peak of the Bohemian Central Highlands and a popular tourist destination. It forms a natural dominant of Lovosice and its surroundings.


Lovoš is a nephelinite mountain near Lovosice. Its peak is 570 m above sea level and a blue hiking trail will take you to it. A tourist hut was built on the top of Lovoš, from which you can see all sides of the world. Among other things, you can see the whole town of Lovosice and the adjacent landscape of the Bohemian Central Highlands very well.

The top of Lovoš is protected as the Lovoš National Nature Reserve. It occupies the summit and partially sloping parts of two hills with different geological structure. Big Lovoš (570 m above sea level) with alkaline basalt rocks, Little Lovoš, also called Kybička (489 m above sea level), with more acidic trachyte rock. Protected plants are abundantly represented, e.g. white three-leaved mallow, leafless iris, meadow coneflower, lily of the valley. The insect fauna is rich.

When travelling to the top of Lovoš, we recommend using the Lovoš Nature Trail, where you can find out interesting information.