Lookout tower by the chateau – Lovosice

A 7.3-meter-high lookout tower with a gallery at 4 meters was built on an artificial hill, where ice was stored for cooling beer in a nearby restaurant. The structure consisting of 12 to 40 meter poles in the shape of a hyperboloid is anchored to a reinforced concrete platform.

Lookout tower by the chateau – Lovosice

Near the Café Zámeček and the ferry (across the river Elbe to Píšťany) stands a beautiful lookout tower. It is located on the site of the original wooden gazebo, which was built here in 1865 by a representative of the Schwarzenberg family together with an inn. The viewpoint stands on an artificial hill, which consists of a buried two-storey building originally serving as a beer cellar and ice house for the needs of an inn.

In the spring of 2019, it was built here by the company Raeder & Falge together with the architect Luboš Hruška. Instead of the original gazebo above, the architect designed a wooden lookout with a steel staircase and a tarpaulin roof visible from afar. The place has a view not only of the river, but also of Porta Bohemica and Radobýl.

A tourist and historical business card from the “Wander Book” can be purchased in the café.