Litoměřice is located at the confluence of the Elbe and Ohře rivers, on the border of the Bohemian Central Highlands and the fertile Polabska lowlands. Litoměřice is famous as one of the renowned wine regions of Bohemia. The surrounding area is a landscape of picturesque hills.


The information centre in the arcade of the Litoměřice Town Hall on Mírové náměstí is the entrance gate to the Kalich lookout tower, which was built in the 16th century. The tower offers a beautiful view of the historic centre of the town, the confluence of the Elbe and Ohře rivers and the surrounding landscape of the Bohemian Central Highlands.

The 65-metre high tower of St.Stephen's Cathedral, which is located on Dome Square on the hill of the same name, offers an equally magical view. You can also get a bird's eye view of the gardens of the bishop's residence.

Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque buildings, protected in the town's conservation reserve, declared in 1978, will remind you of the historical glory of royal Litoměřice as mute witnesses. Of the 256 buildings, 104 are listed on the state list of immovable cultural monuments and almost all of them can be found in the historic city centre, which is largely bounded by preserved Gothic fortifications.

Houses around the square, historical cellars, many churches, a museum, several galleries and many other attractions are waiting for your interest and your visit. Take a stroll through the castle park - here you will find not only peace and quiet, but also a wonderful view of the old Litoměřice with the Dome Hill or the panorama of the Bohemian Central Highlands with Hazmburk and the memorable Mount Říp.

However, Litoměřice is not only a city rich in history, but also a city alive with culture and sport. Visitors will find galleries, museums, theatre and cinema, various sports facilities, swimming pools and golf courses. The exhibition centre hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year, the most visited of which is the Garden of Bohemia in autumn .