Lake Pistany (Žernosecká) - Pistany

The artificial lake was created in the 1950s-1960s by flooding a sandpit.

Lake Pistany (Žernosecká) - Pistany


Lake Pistany (Žernosecká) - Pistany

The lake was formed by flooding of a former gravel quarry by the seepage of river water. There are three islands on the lake and two spurs of land towards the lake. At the northern end, the lake is connected to the Elbe River by a flow about 300 metres long. It has an area of about 90 hectares and is a popular recreational spot with sandy shores.

It can be found between the villages of Velké Žernoseky, Píšt'any and Žalhostice in the Litoměřice district.

Opportunities for activities

  • The lake is mainly used for recreation and provides good conditions for windsurfing, but also other water sports.
  • It has beautiful clear water and is close to a boatyard, marina and restaurants.
  • The biggest facilities are provided by the Resort - Marina Píšt'any - accommodation, restaurant and marina.