Dlouhý vrch (Long Hill)

Dlouhý vrch is located in the Bohemian Central Highlands about 5 km north of Litoměřice.

Dlouhý vrch (Long Hill)


Dlouhý vrch (Long Hill)

One of the largest rock massifs in the Czech Central Highlands, consisting mainly of tephrites (peaks) and tephrite tuffs (slopes), is located about 5 km from Litoměřice. The forested hill is about 5.5 km long and stretches from north to south, with an initially narrow forked section about halfway up, extending southeast and southwest, and the span of this extension is about the same length as the main ridge. Apparently due to its considerable ruggedness, it has been divided into several separately named sub-units, followed north-south by Vrchovina (676 m) with the attached Špičák (608 m) and Babinský or Rýdečský vrch (551 m), the eponymous Dlouhý vrch (655 m) and the Panenský kamen (607 m) group. The southernmost, south-southeastern tip is formed by Křížová hora (590 m), with a protruding, visible from afar rock outcrop called Krkavčí or Kavčí vrch (500 m). This 30 m high rocky formation, whose edges are characterised by a typical columnar separation, has several viewpoints on its summit, including a marked main viewpoint facing southwest, with views from Mělník across the Polabí and Elbe rivers to the nearby Owl Hill or Kočičí Castle - Kočka, Mostka, Litoměřice, Radobýl, Bídnice, Lovoš and the panorama of the more distant hills from Košt'álov to Milešovka and Kletečná, partly obscured by the nearby Plešivec and Hradiště, which close the view. In the past, the rock served as a training wall for climbers from Litoměřice.

The whole vast hill is interwoven with many forest paths and gravel roads, which lead to three hiking trails, the yellow trail between Staňkovice and Skalica Poustevna crosses the blue trail leading from Lbín via Křížová hora to Pohořany at the highest point of Dlouhé vrch. From the crossroads Tašov Ovčárna, a marked cycle path runs along the foot of the mountain, which then crosses the yellow marker and under the Panenský kamen it reaches the road near Myštice.

Certainly the nicest parts of this interesting hill can be seen on the way along the yellow trail from Staňkovice, massive boulder-like rubble with amazing, age-old specimens of beech trees, among which meander a few thin little streams - the beginnings of the Chudoslavický brook, a little higher on the sides of the wide forest road rise several tower-like rock formations. Continuing up Křížová hora, fresh and older, constantly changing passes open up nice partial views, west to Varhošt' and Radobýl, east to the Třebušín basin with Kalich, Trojhora and the more distant Sedlo. From the blue sign towards Lbín, Homolka and Varhošt' it is also possible to see some of the more distant hills: Radobýl, Hradiště, the top of Lovoš and Házmburk in the background.

The most open view, of Milešovka and the adjacent part of the Central Highlands with Varhoštěm in the foreground, can be seen from Vrchovina, but there is no marked trail leading to it; it is necessary to use the forest path and orient yourself according to the map. Fans of history, albeit recent, will see many remains of various ruined buildings along this route in the former military zone. From the slowly overgrown hillside there is a partial view of the northeastern panorama of hills with Kukla and Babinský vrch in the foreground.

In addition to the above-mentioned Chudoslavický brook, some other streams spring on Dlouhé vrch, Pokratický brook on the western slope of Dlouhé vrch, Močidelský brook on the southern slope of Panenský kamen and Trojhorský brook below Babinský vrch.