Děčín Zoo - Shepherd's Wall

The zoo was founded in 1848 by the town of Děčín and is located on the outskirts of the town. It is more of a smaller zoos (6 ha).

Děčín Zoo - Shepherd's Wall

It stretches on the hill Pastýřská stěna in the environment of a forest park. The zoo takes care of more than 450 animals of 150 species - some of which are completely unique in our country. It especially attracts families with children and has a lot to offer. The area is permeated with interactive elements.

The only Czech zoo in a forest park where you can admire grizzly bears. A castle playground, a children's agility course or a climbing wall, a “children's contact zoo,” educational trails such as the Bird Trail are also waiting for children.

Go to the Děčín Zoo to sail around the Paradise Islands, a bonus for every visitor! A unique exhibition presenting the fauna and flora of the sea coral reef, animals of tropical forests, semi-deserts and mangrove coasts.