Buková Mountain

Buková Mountain (683 m) is a basalt dominant feature of the Verneřické central mountains.

Buková Mountain

On the slopes there is a beech forest and other rare flora. At the top, the impressive dominant feature of the region rises to the sky - the Buková hora transmitter, which with its height of 223 m is the tallest concrete structure in the Czech Republic.

Couple meters from the transmitter is Humboldt's lookout with beautiful views of the Elbe canyon and the peaks of the Bohemian Central Mountains. Not far from the viewpoint, on the Southeast slope of the mountain, there is a natural attraction "Ice Pit" - about 8 meters deep crack in the basalt, where firn and ice stays even in summer. A marked tourist and horse routs lead over Bukova Mountain.

It is possible to take a hiking trip to Bukova Mountain. It is possible to start from Zubrnice, Malé Březno or Těchlovice. From all these places, marked tourist routs lead to the top of Bukovka.