Bílé stráně – “The white Hillsides”

Bílá stráň, a quite long, two-peaked hill of irregular shape with a maximum altitude of 354 m above sea level, lies between Litoměřice, Žitenice and Skalice. One of the narrower sides ends with Mostná hill with a lookout tower, the opposite side slopes into a narrow valley, above which rises to a height of 590 m above sea level the Křížová hill.

Bílé stráně – “The white Hillsides”

Part of the slope of the higher peak, opposite the rock formation Kočka near Žitenice, is formed by an eroded steep slope. That leads to the occurrence of many interesting plants, such as egonychon purpurocaeruleum, helianthemum grandiflorum, sanguisorba minor, anthyllis vulneraria, geranium sanguineum, veronica teucrium and many more. Much more important, however, is the opposite side, the west with a slight turn to the north. The very warm, marlite slope steeply sloping to the Pokratický brook, in places with erosion and by small landslides exposed bedrock, shining white far in to the distance, which gave the hill its name, is one of the most valuable in northern Bohemia in terms of occurrence of rare and protected plants, especially orchidaceae family. The locality on an area of ​​3.24 ha was declared a protected area on 30 March 1954, one part of it has even been protected since 1929. It belongs to the localities of European importance of the NATURA 2000 system.

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